Clouded Yellow Butterfly

Clouded Yellow Butterfly - Bill BlackClouded Yellow Butterfly - Bill Black

Latin name: Colias crocea

This fast-flying, bright orange-yellow butterfly with black borders is a common immigrant in most years, frequently breeding here. In the helice form of the female, the orange colouring is replaced by a creamy white and this butterfly can sometimes be mistaken for the extremely rare Pale Clouded Yellow Colias hyale. The Clouded Yellow can be found from June to October in just about any open habitat on Alderney where it can find the larval foodplants of clovers, Lucerne and Bird's-foot Trefoil, including coastal cliffs, the commons, and the Blayes.

UK BAP Status: Not listed

Butterfly Conservation priority: Least concern

European status: Not threatened

Status in Alderney: Variable