Barred Red Moth

Barred Red Moth - David WeddBarred Red Moth - David Wedd

Latin name: Hylaea fasciaria

Forewing length: 38mm.

Widespread on the UK mainland, although seldom common; and in the Channel Islands it is sometimes numerous in areas of pine forest. Alderney has a shortage of trees, but the species is common nonetheless, mainly due to the long flight season. In Alderney the Barred Red occurs in overlapping broods between April and November, and specimens reared in captivity will emerge in mid-winter! The moth occurs wherever there are coniferous trees. In Alderney the larva seems to feed on many species, including exotic conifers in gardens.

Identifying feature: The illustration shows the three main forms of this attractive and variable moth. The red variety is widespread in most of England and Wales; the grey form is typical of Northern England and Scotland; and the bright green variety is well known on the Continent but very rare on the UK mainland. All three forms appear in the Channel Islands and in Alderney they are especially common – as are specimens combining all three colours!