Greater White-toothed Shrew

Greater White-toothed Shrew - Brian EvershamGreater White-toothed Shrew - Brian Eversham

Latin Name: Crocidura russula

The Greater White-toothed Shrew lives in dry areas such as grassland, woodland and in hedgerows. It is a medium-sized shrew and lives on a diet consisting mainly of insects. This species of shrew is found on Alderney, Sark and Jersey, and is a ready food source for the island’s owls and raptors.

The Greater White-toothed Shrew has a lifespan of about 18 months, and so individuals will usually have only one breeding season. This species has been successfully trapped and monitored in the recent past.

Status in Alderney: Common

Worldwide IUCN Red List: Least Concern, population trend stable