Shaggy Inkcap

Shaggy Inkcap - Bill BlackShaggy Inkcap - Bill Black

Latin name: Coprinus comatus --EDIBLE--

When young the Shaggy Inkcap has a tall elongated cap which is covered with white scales from which it gets the alternative name of “Lawyer’s Wig”. With age the cap and gills gradually blacken and eventually dissolve into black ink. This is another of Alderney’s common edible species but it needs to be picked when young, in daytime, and eaten soon after as it deteriorates very quickly. Shaggy Inkcaps can be found from summer to late autumn in grass or recently disturbed soil, either singly or in large numbers.

Platte Saline and Longis Commons are a good place to find them on Alderney.

Status in the UK: common
Status in Alderney: common