Orange Peel Fungus

Orange Peel Fungus - Bill BlackOrange Peel Fungus - Bill Black

Latin name: Aleuria aurantia --EDIBLE--

This brilliant orange cup fungus resembles a piece of discarded orange peel. The fruiting body consists of several folds that look like small cups and the underside is pale with a dusting of white hairs. It is small and stalkless, and grows in clusters on damp bare soil and grass or dead wood from summer to early winter. This is one of the very few common cup fungi that are edible, although it has only a slight flavour and is therefore used mainly to add colour to salads or other mushroom dishes.

On Alderney you may find it in the Bonne Terre valley beside near the lower dam or at the edge of Longis Common.

Status in the UK: common
Status in Alderney: ?