European Storm-petrel

European Storm-petrelEuropean Storm-petrel - Liz Morgan

Where and when to see: Pelagic during the day

Latin name: Hydrobates pelagicus

Storm Petrels breed on small rocky islands and coasts in small gaps in rocks and in burrows. At 15-16cm long and with a wingspan of 37-41cm Storm Petrels are the British Isles’ smallest breeding Seabird that only come to breeding areas at night to avoid predators near the land. It is generally very dark in colour but has a striking white rump and white bands on the underside of its wings. Petrels are named after St. Peter as they appear to walk on water whilst flying across the surface to forage.

Status in Alderney: Scarce Breeder

Status in UK (RSPB Criteria): Amber

Worldwide Status (IUCN Red List and Population Trend): Least Concern; Decreasing

Our LIVE: Wildlife Webcams project allows us to get brief glimpses of Storm Petrels at night. Go to our website during the breeding season to try and see them live, but for now see the clip below for an example of what you can see.

Storm Petrels from Living Islands: Live on Vimeo.