European Greenfinch

Where and when to see: Longis bird hide throughout the year

Latin name: Carduelis chloris

The 14-16cm long Greenfinch will breed on the edge of woodland, in wooded pasture, bushy areas and gardens. Compared to many other finches it appears heavier due to its stouter frame. It has an unmarked moss-green back and a yellow-green underside. The wings are dark towards the tip with a light grey panel towards the body. There are obvious yellow patches on the tail and wings. Recently populations have started declining due to trichomonosis, a disease affecting the back of the throat and gullet that inhibits the birds’ ability to feed.

Status in Alderney: Common Resident

Status in UK (RSPB Criteria): Green

Worldwide Status (IUCN Red List and Population Trend): Least Concern; Decreasing