Barn Swallow

Barn SwallowBarn Swallow - Bill Black

Where and when to see: Feeding over short grassland and ponds throughout summer and autumn

Latin name: Hirundo rustica

Despite being only 17-21cm long the Swallow is a long distance migrant. Wintering in Africa they come back to Europe every spring to breed. The nest is an open cup made on the underside of roofed structures out of mud and plant material. In Alderney they are known to regularly use bunkers as nest locations. They are very quick fliers, darting about above grassland and ponds to pick up small insects. They have a white underside and a blue-glossed dark appearance above. The Swallow’s face is a deep red.

Status in Alderney: Common Breeder and Migrant

Status in UK (RSPB Criteria): Amber

Worldwide Status (IUCN Red List and Population Trend): Least Concern; Decreasing