Marine Wildlife

Alderney's Grey Seal colony is located on the Burhou ReefsAlderney's Grey Seal colony is located on the Burhou Reefs

The sweeping tides of the Alderney 'Race' and 'Swinge' move vast quantities of water from the Atlantic and English Channel, into and through the Bay Normand-Breton, making Alderney's marine life some of the most dynamic and diverse in Europe

Photographing wildlife both above, in and under the waves provides one of the greatest challenges any photographer can find.   Thankfully there are a growing number of amatuer and professional photographers alike who are now attempting to capture the true wonders of this most elusive part of our wildlife community.

We welcome any new contributions to our ever growing archive of wildlife shots and please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to find a specific picture.

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