Lawson Cypress

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

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The Lawson Cypress is a large evergreen tree, familiar to many of us as it has been widely planted in parks and gardens as an ornamental or hedging species.

How to identify

Lawson Cypress is a common garden tree, with small, scale-like leaves that cover the green twigs. Left alone, a mature tree would be tall and conical in shape, but they are often pruned down.

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When to find it

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How can people help

Lawson Cypress is a common garden evergreen which comes a in number of varieties for everything from tall hedging to low heather beds. Although dense, they can provide shelter for birds, so be careful to prune large trees out of the nesting season so that parents and young are not disturbed. Try planting native trees and shrubs in your garden to attract more wildlife - visit our Wild About Gardens website for facts and tips to get you started.

Species information

Common name
Lawson Cypress
Latin name
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana
Trees and shrubs
Height: up to 45m
Conservation status
Introduced species.