An AWT walk in the beautiful but secluded Bonne Terre ValleyAn AWT walk in the beautiful but secluded Bonne Terre Valley

Alderney is a walker's paradise with around 80km of back track and footpath of which more than 20km is managed by the AWT's volunteers and staff.

At just over 5.5 km in length and only 2.5 km wide many people consider walking on Alderney a very limited affair.  

Yet nothing could be further from the truth - with over 160km of foothpath and road winding its way across all parts of the island, and a variety of landscape, wildlife and historic features to challenge anyone's interest, Alderney is a hiker's paradise.  

Access on Alderney

Public access around the island is one of Alderney's great assets. At its inception the Alderney Wildlife Trust (AWT) took up the maintenance of large sections of small paths and trails which had otherwise fallen from use and upkeep.  

Today the AWT manages over 20km with a view to:

  • enabling public access and enjoyment to the island's natural landscape
  • ensuring public access has a minimal impacton the island's wildlife 
  • creating information points and walkers shelters to support access wherever possible
  • working with local landowners, government and the public to ensure a harmonious relationship  
  • opening up areas of the island where access has been lost (under the above provisions)
  • ensuring walkers respect the countryside code and leave Alderney in the same or better state than that they discovered it in.


How to find out more?

We welcome any interest you might have in Alderney's footpaths, whether to simply learn a little more or, we can always hope, to get involved yourself.

To find out more please contact the Trust or call directly +44(0)1481 822935 and ask for Roland