Wildlife Webcams

Puffin Cam brings you high quality footage of all the puffin activity from Burhou

The Alderney Wildlife Trust currently have 3 webcams that stream 24 hours a day from March to October, when the puffins are at home. The cameras are focused on Burhou's Atlantic Puffin colony but you can also see Storm Petrels, Gulls and the occasional rabbit! 

Our webcams are available for everyone to watch and can be found on the LIVE Website. You can keep up to date on all the activity and see the latest highlight clips on the LIVE Facebook page or get alerts and updates by following us on Twitter.

Colony Cam can pan the area the puffins are in, including the birds rafting at sea and the Burhou colony. You can view colony cam here:

The very best of whats been on the cameras in previous years can be found on Vimeo