Submit a Sighting

If you see anything around the island whilst you are out and about, tell us! Whether you are a visitor or a resident of the island, a wildlife expert or an interested amature - your sightings are a valuable contribution to the Alderney Records Centre and help to influence our reserve management, surveys, research and conservation.  

A record must contain the following:

  • A species name (scientific or common)
  • The location you found it
  • The date you found it
  • Your name and contact information (this information is classified and will not be used for anything other than verification)

Extra information you can include:

  • A photograph
  • Details such as age, life stage, sex, health, behaviour, or anything else you think might be interesting

Not sure what you've seen?

If you’ve seen something and you aren’t sure what it is, send us a picture along with the location and date on which you found it and your contact details so we can get back to you. Our ecologists will do our best to identify it– you might discover a new species for us!  

There are lots of ways to submit a sighting. You can use the web form below or email us at If you have a lot of sightings or are planning a wildlife sightseeing trip to Alderney then you can download our Excel sightings form and email, post or drop it into us at our office. Or feel free to send us a message on facebook or twitter, for something really exciting we would like to know as soon as possible!  


This will be kept confidential. AWT will only contact you if we need more information about your record. 

Drag the marker in the map window above to denote the location of your sighting. If you aren't sure of the precise location, use the field below. 

Be descriptive! Use sign posts and local land marks to give as much detail as possible. 

Information you want to include, i.e: age, life stage, sex, condition, behaviour or anything else!

Submit a photograph