Steve Roberts

Question 1. How important do you feel Alderney’s natural environment is to you personally and what specific measures would you put forward to ensure it is appropriately cared for?

Alderney,s environment is of great value to me, I am a farmers boy and have seen the lessening of most species of flora and fauna throughout my life.

The States know of my concerns, and elected me twice as States member for Wildlife and Agriculture. These both stand hand in hand, and related.

The biggest loss to Wildlife has been caused by loss of habitat, and intensive farming methods.


Question 2. As a States Member you will have responsibility for protecting and ensuring the wise use of Alderney’s natural assets. You will also be asked to ensure that the island’s economy and its community as a whole is maintained, and viable. How will you achieve sustainable economic and community development to ensure Alderney’s future and what key goals would you set to achieve this?

I believe I have already protected Alderneys natural assets with the land use plan, of which I played a very large part with Matt.

Actually, its implementation was a nightmare !

All of which, is a delicate balance of future investment with soft effect.

Economy and the above are both connected, but vital to the future, in my view.

You have to be a bit of a juggler. Do I care about wildlife ?