The France-Alderney-Britain (FAB) Link

Longis Bay as seen from the Raz Causeway (image provided by Visit Alderney)Longis Bay as seen from the Raz Causeway (image provided by Visit Alderney)

The Alderney Wildlife Trust (the Trust) recognises the importance of renewable energy development at international, regional and local levels. However, it also recognises that such developments must not come at the expense of excessive environmental and socio-economic impacts

In responding to the developer's (FAB Link Ltd) proposal the Trust has sought professional external advice (appendix 3.) and utilised the broadest team of experts available to it* on island available to it to ensure its response is as detailed, accurate and unbiased as possible.

In responding to this proposal and consultation, the Trust has responded as if it were part of an EIA stakeholder consultation, and therefore replied on all points relating to both impact and planning issues. **

The following points summarise the content of the full consultancy response which will be supplied to the developer, the States of Alderney and published on the Trust’s website at this time.

1. Meeting UK Standards – The Trust does not accept that the FAB Link proposal meets the developers own commitment to meet UK compliance standards.

2. Lack of clarity in project separation – the Trust does not agree that based on the documents provided, the developer has proven clear separation of the FAB Link project from a future potential Alderney Renewable Energy (ARE) application.

3. The Alderney Planning Mechanism and FAB Link – the Trust is greatly concerned that adequate Alderney planning mechanisms are in place for this development. These must be:

a. properly identified and engaged by the developer.
b. defined adequately to support the developer, the planning authority and the island’s stakeholders in engaging with and responding to this proposal.

4. Documentation discrepancies – there are a significant number of discrepancies, omissions and areas lacking clarity within the FAB Link proposal that the Trust has identified and feels the developer must rectify prior to a planning submission being considered.

5. Direct environmental impacts of the installation – the Trust has raised a number of specific issues with the impact assessment of the Environmental Report that it feels the developer must respond to prior to a planning submission being considered.

6. Timing and handling of the public consultation – the Trust is concerned over the timing of both the public consultation and proposed timescale for the planning application.

The Trust’s overriding concern is that Alderney establish a sufficiently robust planning process through which the FAB Link, and other future ‘out of scale’ applications must pass, which will enable all parties to feel reassured that major applications such as this will be given the level of assessment they require for an island which prides its natural environment as highly as Alderney does.

For full details of the Trust’s response please view the Trust’s FAB Link Consultation Response Letter. The Trust retains the right to update this response based on new information or on responses from the developer. All changes will be tabulated and referenced for ease of cross checking.


* grammar correction (03/09/16)
** additional context added (03/09/16)



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