Wildlife Watch

Watch is a vibrant and vital part of the Alderney Wildlife Trust (AWT), with children from infants to 15 years old taking part. Watch membership is subsidised to keep it to just £10 per year or FREE to children resident in Alderney.

Watch members receive:

  • 4 copies of the national Watch magazine 
  • Access to the busy Alderney Watch programme
  • Access to many AWT events at a reduced rate 
  • The chance to take part in the Wildlife Watch Awards,

You can pay for membership in a number of ways, or directly using the paypal button below. Please also fill in the webform below so we can send you your membership pack and keep you updated via email. 

Please note that parents and guardians must directly subscribe children and only the name of the child should be provided in the webform below - all other details must pertain to the adult. The AWT's Privacy and Data Protection Policies detail your rights as members and the restrictions we place upon use of your data to fulfil the AWT's contractual obligations.  

On completion of this webform an invitational membership pack and invoice will be dispatched to you.  If you are prepared to make an immediate payment prior to recieving the invoice please indicate your payment method for our records, thank you.

Please make cheques payable to 'Alderney Wildlife Trust'

Wildlfie Watch is the national children's magazine of The Wildlife Trusts.

Alderney Wildlife is our very own publication which has its own WATCH section.