Living Landscape

The Wildlife Trusts work together through Living Landscapes to respond nationally to the growing pressure being placed on the wildlife of our British Islands.

Through Living Landscape The Wildlife Trusts are targeting landscape-scale conservation efforts to help halt the decline of wildlife and restore the natural environment.

Living Landscape work:

  • Focuses on landscapes or large areas, rather than individual habitat patches
  • Employs a multi-disciplinary approach (e.g. habitat creation and restoration, provision of landowner advice)
  • Is carried out in partnership with other organisations and the local community
  • Delivers environmental benefits for people, such as health benefits, skills training and green tourism, as well as improving conditions for wildlife

A Living Landscape scheme consists of:

  1. Core areas of high quality habitat – Trust reserves, protected areas, SSSIs and so on. The nodes or centres for future colonisation when the overall landscape is enhanced.
  2. Inter-linkages between core areas; not just corridors, but stepping stones - functional connectivity across a landscape, not just physical connectivity, effectively turning a landscape of isolated patches into one large unit.
  3. Permeability across the whole landscape. Land between core areas and functional connections should be permeable to wildlife movement. It may not be preferred habitat but could be sub-optimal habitat, allowing movement if not long-term survival. Actions here centre on de-intensified land use.

The fragmentation of habitat is one of the main threats to wildlife. Small isolated populations of species are the most vulnerable - stranded in pockets of disconnected habitat, they will struggle to respond to the changing conditions. Wildlife needs to adapt and for that to happen, the landscape both urban and rural, needs to be addressed as a whole.

Living Landscapes is vision for wildlife and people, and a way of thinking about our natural environment.  Developed by The Wildlife Trusts, the idea is that by thinking big and collaborating on a larger scale than ever before, we can improve the landscapes of the UK for the benefit of our wildlife and people, both now and into the long-term future.


Living Islands the way forward for Living Landscape in Alderney

The Living Landscape and Living Seas programme is something we take very seriously in Alderney, but being a small isolated community constrain and enhanced by our geography, the island has looked for a unique way in which to combine these two leading programmes - Living Islands.