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Lindsay's Flora Blog - 11th June

Posted: Thursday 11th June 2020 by trustadmin

Sea-milkwort Lysimachia maritima (formerly Glaux maritima)

Although this is not a common plant on Alderney (or indeed in the Bailiwick as a whole), I decided to include it because it’s an unusual one and this year I had the time to go out and photograph it which is not always the case.

It is a pretty plant which can form a pink carpet where it grows in any quantity. It has pink to reddish flowers which grow in the junctions of the leaves and stems, and what look like 5 pink petals are actually sepals – the plant actually has no petals at all.

Sea-milkwort only grows by the sea below the high water mark, often in saltmarsh habitat which we have little of here, but the plant is found all round the coast on mainland U.K. It stores water in its oval fleshy leaves which helps to counteract the salt-water in the environment it inhabits, enabling it to survive inundation by sea-water.

It is a native perennial and is no relation to Common or Heath Milkwort but is in the Primrose family and in the same genus as Loosestrifes.

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