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Lindsay's Flora Blog - 16th April

Posted: Thursday 16th April 2020 by trustadmin

Native Bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta)

My next choice of flower is the native Bluebell. I found my first ones of the year on 22nd March and there is now a wonderful display in the Bonne Terre valley. (If you are walking the valley, however, be warned that, although it is beginning to dry out now, it is a bit wet and muddy in places so wellies or sturdy walking shoes are strongly advised). Vau du Saou is another hotspot for the plant, but here you will also find many hybrids, particularly around the valley fringes.

The native bluebell is distinctive from the Spanish or hybrid variety: it is scented and is a deep azure blue with creamy anthers. It also has a shy one-sided drooping bell unlike the more erect garden escape which has paler, flatter flowers, blue anthers and is sometimes white or pink.

Although we tend to think of the bluebell as a woodland plant it is not always the case and if you are walking the outer coastal paths you will often find it there amidst the Gorse, Sea Campion, Thrift and other coastal heathland plants.

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