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Posted: Monday 13th April 2020 by trustadmin

Changing Forget-me-not (Myosotis discolor)

When we talk about Forget-me-nots we tend to think about the plant commonly seen in community flower beds and gardens. However, there are a number of earlier flowering wild Forget-me-nots which are well worth seeking out.

Changing Forget-me-not is one of my early spring favourites. It is well-named as it does exactly what it says – the tiny flowers start out whitish, changing to creamy yellow and then, as the inflorescence uncurls, the flowers change further, often to pink or blue. It’s not easily noticed until you get your eye in as it’s no more than a few inches tall - but look out for a small plant which looks a bit like a shepherd’s crook - until it unfurls of course!

Another Forget-me-not commonly found here in the wild is Early Forget-me-not, a miniscule plant with a bright blue flower the size of a pin-head with a yellow centre, and this one can be found as early as February. Beware this one though, as after fertilisation it elongates greatly and can trick you into thinking it is the previous species.

The plant in the photo was taken today on Mannez Garenne amidst a patch of Early Forget-me-not and next to some Green-winged Orchids – a real treat.

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